Building one’s own House which they can call Home is the dreams of every person. We spend so much time thinking about the design, the interiors, the people that we get emotionally attached to the place even before building it. And for this dream, everyone wants to ensure that they have it constructed by the best available builder and material.

Factors to Keep in mind while Building a House:

Once you have decided to build the house you need to plan out the structure about the selection of builder, timeline of construction, estimated cost, design of the building and material to be used. And this has to be accomplished along with our work schedule makes it even more difficult. So, it is very critical that we get the right advice from the experts in the field.

Let us discuss first about the factors that needed to be kept in mind pre-construction, during construction and post-construction phase:

Selection of Builder:
It is one of the most important factors as the right builder will guide with his proper advice on construction issues, material selection, design, etc throughout the process of construction. He will drive the construction from laying the foundation to building the entire house.

Selection of Material:
Normally customers complain about poor quality material used for construction of their building. And this they realise at a very later stage when house shows sign of cracks, leakages and demolition. The concern is genuine as the longevity of building is decided by the material used and not by the looks. This is the area where there exists most opacity.

So, one need to select the builder who gives best advice in choice of material as well as offers the customers to choose them.

The construction industry maces mistrust of the customers in terms of time of delivery of house. Thanks to the numerous examples where the contractor has not delivered the project on time causing loss of trust and problems to the client. Problem occurs since the client doesn’t live at the city where the plot is and is misinformed by the contractor.

So, there is need to select the builder who maintains transparency and keeps the customer in loop about the completion of projects.

Design of the house must be based on the choice of customer as this is the entire outlook how the final building looks like. So, the aesthetics of the building being decided by the design makes an important constituent in decision making.

One must choose the builder who advices them on the best design as per plot and also guides the construction as per the finalised design in best interest of the consumer.

Expert Advice:
There exist multiple doubts in the minds of the customer when they think of building a house. The question may range from cost estimation, design and even as small as material selection for construction.

So, one must choose a builder who offers all such advice with the help of a team of experts who walks with the customer in every step of construction.

What Offers?

So, now discussing the key needs of customer about the requirements to build their dream house, now let us discuss what we at offers you.

Remote Consultation:

We understand you may be having a plot in one city while you may be working in another. So, we offer remote consultation via online services where you can choose and modify design, select material and track work progress. Also, our expert is in constant touch with you so that you are not aloof from any part of your dream house construction.

Construction of Your Dream House: is rated one of the best builders of State. With the team of experts, it provides best advice right from material selection to construction taking into consideration the customer’s opinion and budget. with huge experience in construction, makes the process hassle free and easy for the customers.

Transparency in Construction Sector:

The Digital Platform, first-in-India, is algorithm-based service developed by to make the process transparent. It helps the customer to choose their material based on requirement and track progress of the project completion. Further, it offers 247 expert advice and consultation to the customers.

Timely Delivery of your dream house: wants to deliver the house to their customer at the earliest. Therefore, we have a history for timely completion of the projects. The online platform helps the customers to track the progress of project. The telephonic services allow the customer to reach out to us in case of any queries.

Best Quality Material:

Putting customer’s choice first is the value enshrined by This has made them solve the biggest issue of opacity in the use of material. The online platform allows the customer to customise and choose the material from the variety of options. The materials selected are used for entire construction. Also, it is examined by experts during course of construction to maintain integrity of the company and trust amongst the customers.

Free Design from Experts: offers free DESIGN for the house from the Experts and that too FREE of COST. So, if you decide to choose, you will get free customised design from the best designers. Moreover, you can make multiple changes until the design is finalised.

Experts Advice:

The team of Experts is available for you from pre-construction service advice to final construction of the House. So, you can discuss with them right from design to selection of material, your ideas and clarifications or any construction related matter. We are at your service 247 as a satisfied customer is what we all care about.

So, we at offers you online and offline consultation, helps you design your house, give you choice in material selection, keep you updated with the work progress and deliver you your dream house at the promised time.

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