Digitising the building Construction industry, Thikedaar.com completes a year of turning dreams into reality

One of the new champions of the construction industry who have changed the scope of how construction processes are enabled, Thikedaar.com completes a glorious year of bringing to the doorsteps of people a hassle-free process of turning their dream spaces into reality.

Digitising each step from the selection of materials to the construction quote of the entire project to handing over a stellar masterpiece that puts the aspirations of the client in front of their eyes, Thikedaar.com was founded to bring a breakthrough in the increasingly offline construction market.

The brainchild of Sujeet Kumar Mishra an architect by profession and Jenie Singh who understood the need to bring robust reforms in the tedious process of building an abode, Thikedaar.com has come to the rescue of scores of family makers who envision a dream home but don’t wish to get into the overarching hassles that have been associated with traditional construction activities.

From the pastyear of its inception, Thikeedar.com has been accepted as an alternative to the conventional practices and reigns with its stellar algorithm which has been hailed by a plethora of their clients as a saviour consistently.

On the completion of a glorious year, the founders, Sujeet Kumar Mishra and Jenie Singh released their gratitude on social media stating, “Today, Thikedaar.com is celebrating its 1st anniversary. When we started this venture in 2020, we analyzed that there is a strong need for Digital Revolution in the Construction sector. We can say that we were a little early in terms of the deployment of technology. We received tons of challenges on our path. Regardless of these challenges, we acted on our belief in the construction revolution & here we are today. Though it’s been a bumpy ride, we thoroughly enjoyed eachmoment of it & still have the same energy we had on our First day of the company”.

“At this moment, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of our employees who share the mindset of working together as a team to solve difficult problems & customers for whom we have proudly worked side-by-side as we continually endeavour to help them and support their dream of having a home”, they added.

Not only this, but the firm also blessed their clients with a return birthday gift of providing free tiles and bathroom fittings. Having impressed several homemakers with their highly professional and strong business ethic, Thikedaar.com has brought relief to a great number of clients with the concept of ‘Instant Free Quote’, which is the final cost that an individual has to bear in a bid to not leave any scope of ambiguity.

A Government of India recognised start-up, Thikedaar.com reigns from their architectural plans to 3D views and structural drawings along with site supervision services, and complete assurance on the quality of materials to their clients.

Having also received the GRIHA Certification for their stellar designs and execution, in a short span Thikedaar.com has fulfilled their targets of covering 9000+ square feet built-up area, with more than 61200 square feet area under construction.

In the period that a firm takes in understanding the market and defining goals, Thikedaar.com has already acquired over 900+ customers who swear by their expertise. In a nutshell, the dedicated team at Thikedaar Dot Com Pvt. Ltd.  has aced a year of its birth and there are many more milestones to scale by the visionaries that they are eyeing to conquer.

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