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Home Construction in India is a very painful process. Thikedaar.Com is making your home construction hassle-free and transparent.

Home construction in India is a dream of every Indian. However, Home construction in India is a very painful process. Building a home has always been a dream for everyone but at the same time, it is a very painful process. One struggles their whole life to get their dream home constructed.  A home is not only constructed by pillars and beams; one constructs theirs with love and dreams too.

Everyone desires to build a home of their own but still building a house in India is a very painful process as most of the buildings in India are built by traditional people, traditional means, which means it is dependent on semi-skilled contractors and masons, and old technologies. It is also dependent on lots of commodities (building materials)  and each commodity has its own price cycle hence the actual cost and estimated budget vary a lot. Homebuilders can’t see it beforehand and they have very little idea of how the whole thing will come up. In the attempt to save pennies people end up spending more. It costs them peace, money,  time, and the suboptimal quality of Home.

If you want to build your home in India, Thikedaar.Com is a one-stop solution for all your building construction needs.

Introduction to Thikedaar.com (Building Homes Simplified):

Thikedaar.Com is a Home Construction Brand of Thikedaar Dot Com Private Limited. It is India’s first startup to be recognized by Govt. India in the Construction and Engineering Sector, has a digital solution(platform) for home construction Budgeting, Planning, Execution, and Project Monitoring. 

Why choose thikedaar.com for home construction in India?

In India, one chooses to go with the traditional method to build their houses which can make their efforts go in vain. The construction of a house needs proper planning, a proper design, and a stronger foundation to stand it for several years. 

People face problems in home construction on the basis of:

Lack of transparency

In India, the home construction industry has a lack of transparency, as there is lots of fluctuation in prices of construction material, builders increase the rate of their services midway which may affect the budget that has been set by you for your home construction, but with Thikedaar.com, you will get complete transparency in terms of cost and there will be no addition in cost even if the market price of construction materials increase midway during your home construction in India.

Delays in constructions:

One of the major problems faced by people in home construction in India is delays in construction. One plans accordingly as the time of delivery provided by the builders but no builders give it on time and they also do not give a correct update. They just make you wait and that can spoil your whole plans. But with our organization, we promise to deliver you on time, if we fail to do so we will pay you the monthly rent.

Lack of digitalization:

In the construction sector, there is a lack of digitalization. It is next to impossible for you to get a home constructed in one city of India if you are in another city. If you have started the construction somehow by traditional builders, you will be not updated timely and in your absence, they will also hamper the construction process, as a result, optimal quality of the house. The other way round is to leave all your professional works and be in the particular city of construction. Both ways are not favorable. But with us, you will be relaxed as everything will be digitalized, everything will be updated before you can ask for, via CCTV Cameras on-site, regular site photos/videos with timestamp on it.  This will give peace to your mind and you can focus on your work while your home construction in another city is going on.

Use of sub-optimal materials:

One of the most common problems faced by the people of India during their home construction in India is the use of sub-optimal materials by builders for their houses. Builders use sub-optimal products to reduce the cost of construction, which degrades the strength of a building. We all know that home are not constructed on a daily basis. We understand that an individual spends his whole life savings to get a dream house constructed. But the use of sub-optimal products can put it in vain as the building will deteriorate day by day and its lifecycle will decrease. 

The Solution to Home Construction In India

Thikedaar.com has created an online model, algorithm-based, with the motive to digitize the pre-construction process right from choosing the material to getting an Instant construction quote. We offer complimentary architectural designs guarantees on the structure of houses.

“Our Team is on a mission to make India look beautiful architecturally and stronger structurally, giving people peace of mind and assurance on cost, quality, and time.”

Bimlendra Jha- Investor Thikedaar.Com, Ex-Ceo TATA Steel UK, Ex-Ceo & MD Ambuja Cements Ltd.

Why Thikedaar.Com

We have been a solution to all your problems related to construction. Leave your Burden of Home Construction with us, we will give you peace of mind and assurance on cost, quality, and time.

Real Time View:

Our Unique platform enables you to monitor your construction site through live footage from the construction site. Thus we are more transparent.

Experience teams:

We have a set of experienced and hardworking teams with qualifications from reputed colleges across the globe. Our Team is dedicated to work and deadlines, leaving all comfort behind. We also provide a site supervisor along with a site engineer on each construction site to monitor the construction work. 

Complimentary designs:

We provide complimentary architectural and structural designs to our customers. Every house will be architecturally sound in the coming future with our regular and consistent efforts.

Progress Tracker to Avoid Delays:

Delay in Home construction due to labor and material shortage is very common. Thikedaar.com offers a live progress tracker with a real-time view of the construction site. Now you can monitor the progress of completion online and keep track of the progress made in construction.

Construction Quality Checks:

Pre and Post Quality Check is very important in home construction. Thikedaar.Com offers you 220+ Quality Checklists at different levels of construction.

Environment friendly:

Thikedaar.com provides an end-to-end service, from design to final construction, offering a complete package for Construction Projects. Thikedaar.Com offers standard and sustainable construction practices during home construction.

 We listen to your needs, design them to your specification, and build it to your dreams.  

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