Best construction company in Patna Revolution in construction industry

Almost all of us ponder as to, how do we get our dream house to be right?

Most of the people having very little idea about construction processes tend to get discouraged when they face skyrocketing prices and a chaotic process involved in turning their dream house into a reality.

The above-recognized problem faced by most people is the motivation behind this, an online platform to cater to all the service requirements for a construction project from the very start to the end i.e design, construction etc.

With continuous urbanization, upcoming infrastructure projects, and a rapidly growing population, the construction industry in India is booming. It is the third-largest contributor to the country’s economic growth. Moreover, the construction industry employs more than 49 million people; yes, the numbers are huge and so is the impact!


Currently, the construction industry has come to a point, where most of the construction companies are running at less than 50% of their actual run rate. The pandemic has made the industry come to a standstill. With more than 90% of the country’s construction projects facing unfair pricing, no use of smart technology, lack of labour safety measures, delays, ambiguity, uncertified experts, shortage of materials, and irregular work updates; aims to solve all these issues with its one-stop solution.

With all the hassle involved behind building a home, from selecting the materials to its final construction, the industry remains quite unorganized and lacks the technological innovation to solve people’s problems.

The Founder of this startupThikedaar Dot Com Private Limited, Ar. Sujeet Kumar Mishra and Co-Founder Ar.Jenie Singh aim to digitize and bring online the entire process of pre-construction; from materials selection, payment gateways, and regular updates, which will help their customers experience home-building most comfortably and creatively, at reasonable prices.

Not only the wealthy but also the most vulnerable sections of the society deserve a habitable and a well-constructed place of their own and a good standard of living. This is the thought behind having a simple and easy to pronounce name for the startup: Thikedaar, a word derived from “Thekedaar” meaning a contractor in the Hindi language. The psychology behind the name is to not only reach the wealthy audience but also make the services accessible to the economically lower strata of the society.

The solution, introduces the feature of a free Instant Quotation for the customers based on their choice of materials, and other specifics they choose on the website to build their home. This way, the customers will be able to get an estimate of their building’s construction cost even before they opt for as their builder. digitizes and eases the chaos that usually comes with a construction project. Instead of employing a different group of people for every step of the construction process, this startup provides an end-to-end service from scratch to the final project. It serves as a one-stop solution for the entire construction project and services.

So, all that the customers have to do is; Click on the, Select all the materials as per the budget and taste, Submit the architectural plan and the construction will start on their site with daily updates.

Then, all that the customers have to think about, is moving to their new home. This is how simple makes the entire process of construction. By eliminating design costs and supervision costs and various tie-ups across the nation, the houses are delivered at reasonable prices without compromising quality and with utmost loyalty.

This startupThikedaar.Com is an indication that the current disorganized construction industry is at a turning point and with the tinge of technology in the entire process, the results that will be delivered will leave the customers astounded and in awe.

Currently based in Bihar, aims to expand its services to every part of the nation, thereby reaching out to every customer who needs a hassle-free and cost-effective construction.

The company and its services are one of its kinds and are determined to transform and lead a much-required change in the construction Industry.

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