Thikedaar.Com Expands Nationwide To Make Home Construction Easier And Effective

Seeing the ambiguity in the construction sector owing to the chaos at different steps, the co-founders decided to tap into the potential market and revolutionize it by bringing in both transparency and efficiency through the medium of technology.

The construction industry covers a vast ground of services to be fulfilled with utmost precision. The offline medium often tackles situations like lack of labour safety measures, delays, ambiguity, uncertified experts, semi-skilled masons, shortage of materials, and irregular work updates. To solve it all with a click of a button,, the brainchild of Architect Sujeet Kumar Mishra and Jenie Singh, has brought all construction services online, using the advancements in technology to their full potential.

 Seeing the ambiguity in the construction sector owing to the chaos at different steps, they decided to tap into the potential market and revolutionize it by bringing in both transparency and efficiency through the medium of technology. Sujeet says, “Merely choosing a wallpaper to decorate your house could take hours of searching physically in a market, so we surely understand how tedious it can be to build a house. It requires constant ideation, planning, and efficient construction strategies. We at provide a hassle-free process for our clients to build their homes, digitizing methods of pre-construction, comprising material selection, payment gateway, and yielding periodic updates of the building or home construction site.” Hence, clients have an option to mandate all the processes from afar, not having to budge from their preferences of materials and budget.

 Crediting technology for their new ways of working, Jenie says, “During the course of COVID-19 Pandemic, everyone learned to work digitally. Recently, technology has taken over so much that even an offline realm like the building construction business needed an online shift adopting all the new and modern approaches. Thikedaar’s website will bring architects, engineers, developers, suppliers, contractors, and all stakeholders on one digital platform and will make it possible to buy good quality materials and build quality homes at economical prices.” Envisioning bringing affordable housing investments for all, plans to disrupt the traditional methods of the real estate and infrastructure industry, the business virtuoso further added.

 Making the whole idea a little more user-friendly, introduced the concept of ‘Instant Free Quote’. By choosing the building materials according to their preferences, clients get convenience and an estimated construction cost before the building construction begins. This helps them to make a fair decision of opting for as their building construction partner.

 Their strategies have left merely any area for human error. Completely automating the construction processes, Clients can now see the daily progress of their home construction and overall completion of their dream home anytime and anywhere on the website and portal of The skilled team at ThikedaarDotcom Private Limited promises timely delivery of projects. Moreover, it offers a complimentary design from the best architects and industry experts suited to clients’ requirements.

 Having said that, procures virtual tours of the buildings even before the construction is completed. The digital portal gives the architectural plans, 3D views, structural drawings along with site supervision services and assurance on the quality of materials to their clients.

 Former CEO of Tata Steel UK and former CEO & MD of Ambuja Cement Ltd., Bimlendra Jha, says, “ is on a mission to make India look beautiful architecturally and stronger structurally, giving people peace of mind and an assurance on cost, quality, and time.”

 Being recognized as a Start-Up by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India, it has become the first construction company with an online platform to reach here. It also has garnered a lot of appreciation for its design, sustainable construction method, and materials, Earthquake resistant structures by many organizations such as Griha, Disaster Management Authorities, etc. Being India’s leading digital platform for building construction, they have achieved their target of 13000+ square feet built-up area, with more than 61200+ square feet area under construction. They have received interest of order for 13lacs+Sqft from various Parts of the countries like Noida, Gurugram, Delhi, Hyderabad, Goa, and Pune and become the first home construction company to provide services across the nation.

 Giving life to a new idea needs a lot of dedication and a strong will to go through experiments and risks. Both Sujeet and Jenie hold this prowess. With the effective and innovative approaches through the medium of, they are without a doubt taking the building construction industry by storm. 

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