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India is going through Digital Revolution. While most of sectors have reoriented themselves and is reaping the benefits of digitisation, the unorganised construction sector is yet to accept it. is a step in this direction to digitise the construction landscape and bring transparency and efficiency in the sector. It offers online solution for construction, cost estimation, design and material selection which ultimately results in building of dream house of its customers.

Currently, the Indian construction industry is facing crisis of lack of trust of customers due to lack of transparency, inadequate delays in delivery of projects, unfair pricing by the builders and sub-optimal material usage during construction.

To address these challenges, our start-up has made a head start by digitising the entire construction ecosystem to provide best services to our clients. The services offered by us has been discussed in details below.

Services offered

Customer Satisfaction:
Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority of This is ensured by bringing transparency and efficiency through digitisation. Further, they value customer choices most and involve them right from material selection to design of their dream house. For,, a satisfied customer is the most valued profit that it aims to achieve.

Digitisation of Services:
Bringing Digital Revolution in the unorganised construction segment was the key aim of It aims to connect customers and company online and provide them first hand consultation online. Further, it provides them different choices online right from selection of material to estimation of construction cost. Also, it provides telephonic as well as offline consultation on request of the customers.

Customer Awareness, Choice of Materials & Transparency:
Customer Awareness is the key to transparency and values this the most. By creating a digital platform, the company provides customers with the choices of different grades of materials. So, a customer can decide on the selection right from brick to cement to wood to be used in the construction. This ensures that the material are of best quality and longevity of the building is ensured along with the external face of the house.

Free Pre-Construction Services:
There are lots of pre-construction services offered by the on its website. Customer can get estimated cost for building their dream house by entering the details. Further, they can select their material and decide on recommendations offered by the company to best suit their needs. They can avail the tollfree helpline number to discuss their requirements and satisfy themselves before opting us as their construction partner.

Design Your Own House with Help of Our Experts: offers free designing services to the customers. Once you choose us as your construction partner, we offer you free designing services of the house from our panel of design experts. You can discuss and customise your dream house based on your preference and make changes as per your requirement. So, imagine your dream house and we will design it for FREE.

Progress Tracker to Avoid Delays:
Time delays and lack of clarity on delivery of house to the customers is a major problem of construction sector. came up with a solution of Progress Tracker on its website to resolve the issue. Now you can monitor the progress of completion online and keep track of the progress made in construction.

Sustainable Housing: has been awarded GRIHA Certification for creating of environmentally friendly buildings and sustainable architecture. Thus, this a step in creating green buildings that is nature friendly. is based on the policy of CONSUMERS FIRST and TIMELY DELIVERY OF BEST QUALITY SERVICES. This is the key driver of the company where we aim to deliver the dream homes to our clients with timely delivery, best quality material and end-to-end management of construction services.

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So, if you are planning to build a house, reach out to us and we promise to deliver to you your dream house.

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