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THIKEDAAR.COM is India's fastest growing Home Construction Brand under Thikedaar Dot Com Pvt. Limited. Thikedaar.Com is a construction company recognized by Govt. Of India as Startup. Thikedaar.Com, Emerging as India's largest construction organization for Individual Homes/Houses and ranked among the top contractors, is ready to transform cityscapes, semi urbanscapes and landscapes with structures of immense size and grandeur. The company's capabilities span the entire gamut of construction - civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering - and its services extend to all core sector industries, housing, commercial and infrastructure projects. Thikedaar.Com has a unique solution to build an individual house. Thikedaar.Com takes all the burden of making a house. It works from Planning to construction and delivers a quality and dream home on time and in approved budget. In 2020, Thikedaar.Com has developed and algorithm which tells the exact amount of construction based on the material and area selected. The algorith has been designed in such a way that It gives a construction estimate and cost so that Thikedaar.Com can build your dream home in that price and estimate.