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Frequently Asked Questions

Our design partner gets a benefit of upto 1% of Construction cost by referring anyone for our construction services.

Yes, we have special category for Architects. They can work for us and for each project we pay upto 5% of Construction cost against their architectural services as per Council of Architecture.

No, We verify them once verified they can enjoy the benefits of Design Partners.

Yes any eligible architect/designer/technical person can work for us in architecture works but Benefits are different for each category. We strictly adhere to Council of Architecture (Govt. Of India) and since architects are the key person in architecture work their benefits are different than any other technical person.

It is upto 5% of the Construction Cost.

For any technical person, draftsman etc. It is upto 1% of the Construction Cost.

Yes, You can. Both the benefits will be added.
If your are our design partner(non-Architect) and you have referred someone with drawings benefits will be 1%+1%=2% Of total construction cost.
If your are our design partner (Architect) and you have referred someone with drawings, benefits will be upto 5% Of total construction cost.


You will be paid automatically in your account on each transaction of your referred client.

Yes, You can do the referrals but you cannot work for us.